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Lopes|Jafono was established in 2020 with you in mind. Your 'go-to' source for the most stylish suits influenced by the latest trends, whilst incorporating an European traditional flare.

With origin roots in Portugal, our founder Eduardo, has been immersed in the fashion industry for many years. After completing his studies he perused a career in modelling, which bought him to the United Kingdom. Upon his arrival he dived into the fashion industry working for multiple designer fashion houses and then later on a suit company. 


As a man who always placed importance on his outward image it was only a matter of time before Eduardo started his very own line of custom suits. With his knowledge, background and level of creativity, our clients are in the best hands at Lopes|Jafono. 

Our vision is simply to create individual pieces that reflect our clients; we are fast-paced, forward-thinking and fashion-centred at its core. Our unique pieces are crafted and individualised to everyone; from the corporate world, to ceremonies or just everyday day casual wear, we are certain to deliver the right fit for you.

"A well-made suit is not just a garment, it's a reflection of the man who wears it." - Ozwald Boateng, renowned British-Ghanaian tailor

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